Photogrammetric Point Cloud represents an important breakthrough in photogrammetry. Composed of billions of 3D points, Icaros Point Clouds effectively realize a surface’s skin from photos. These 3D skins are the next generation of Digital Surface Model (DSM) or Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and they are produced at a small fraction of the cost of LiDAR. Their detail and color come directly from the imagery.

Used for accurate volumetric calculations, measuring heights of buildings and power lines, surface analysis and route planning, to name just a few applications, point clouds and the 3D models produced from them serve a wide variety of needs quickly and at significantly lower cost than the same models produced from LiDAR imagery.

Icaros Oblique Viewer

Enables users to navigate, view and measure oblique imagery. Selecting the desired point of interest retrieves all other images containing that point for precise viewing. From the Viewer window, the user can then measure between points by selecting those points from the images displayed.

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