Tom Bosanko

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Icaros as its new Chief Executive Officer in September 2012, Tom spent more than 10 years as President of MKS’s best run and most profitable business unit. During his stint with MKS, Tom played a key role in turning MKS around, building its value, and helping to consummate its sale to PTC (NASDAQ:PTAC) in 2011 for more than $300 million. MKS (TSE:MKX) was a publicly-owned software products company.

Tom has led several other very successful high-tech companies including Datafocus and Convergent Solutions. Datafocus, a private company equally-owned by Tom and a partner, grew rapidly during the 1990s, and its two divisions were separately acquired by Ciber (NYSE:CBR) in 1996, and MKS in 1999. Prior to Datafocus, Tom was a co-founder of Convergent Solutions, which proliferated throughout the 1980s, making Business Weeks’ 100 Fastest Growing High Tech Companies two years in a row, and going public (NASDAQ:CSOL) in 1987. The company was merged with KTI (NASDAQ:KTI) in 1992.

Over the years, Tom has been active in the northern Virginia high-tech venture capital community, where he was a founding investor and an adviser to the board of Monumental Venture Partners, and was also a co-founder of the Winchester Innovation Management Group, a high-tech start-up incubator. Tom is active in various charitable organizations including The Melanoma Research Foundation, The American Heart Association, and the Piedmont Charitable Association.


Motti Shechter

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Motti co-founded Icaros, Inc. in 2004, and serves as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. With more than 30 years in the electro-optics industry, Motti Shechter is a recognized industry leader in photogrammetry and geospatial systems and solutions and an expert on complex, high-tech equipment. Since 2003, Motti has served as a technologies, strategic and business advisor for Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd. Motti also co-founded BEAMHIT LLC US – Columbia, MD in 1996, which was acquired by L3-Communications.

Mitch Lindenfeldar

Chief Financial Officer

Mitch has spent the past twelve years working as a Chief Financial Officer for various public and private organizations. Mitch has a vast background in financial reporting, management and administration, investor relations, human resources and legal and IT activities. Mitch has served as the Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer for two venture-backed companies. Prior to joining the Icaros Team, Mitch served as Chief Financial Officer for Campus Partners.


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