Icaros’ technology is used to find solutions for a multitude of clients across a wide array of industries. We are constantly discovering new, practical uses for our collection and processing solutions and proving to customers that with the right technology and expertise, we can help them to create thorough situational analyses and streamline their work capacity and spending. Currently, Icaros proudly serves the Energy, Agriculture, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Defense and Security marketplaces.

Energy Audits

As energy demands continue to drive the growth of worldwide businesses and communities, we apply the latest geospatial tools and technologies to audit energy use in buildings, and monitor the energy industry’s critical energy infrastructure and facilities. We tailor our services to meet the challenges of our clients in a robust, efficient and cost-effective manner.


The mining industry faces everyday dangers and cumbersome tasks for which Icaros can provide solutions to assist in risk mitigation, project design and planning, mine management, maintenance and audit. Photogrammetric aerial mapping solutions enable our customers to gather information in areas with limited access or in hazardous locations.

Agriculture and Forestry

Producing and maintaining plots of land and crops presents unique challenges to professionals in the agriculture and forestry industries. Icaros’ state-of-the-art technologies and solutions provide the necessary information for cost-effective and fast forest planning, inventory and protection, detection and remediation of invasive or diseased species, biomass analysis, pest infestation and irrigation system monitoring.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Oil & gas pipeline companies need fast, cost-effective geospatial information to plan, manage and maintain their pipeline routes and ensure the safe delivery of products. Icaros’ technology and expertise delivers actionable information needed for this type of essential work. We quickly deploy and install remote sensing systems, delivering high-quality, current orthomosaics, RGB, thermal and oblique imagery.

3D And Simulation

The advanced photogrammetric processing suite by Icaros can generate highly accurate 3D colored point clouds and photomesh. Dense surface models from the captured imagery can be generated to create True OrthoMosaics.

Emergency And Disaster Management

Using precise, state-of-the-art thermal and infrared remote sensing technology, Icaros has provided immediate and speedy solutions to emergency and disaster response missions. We are able to mobilize quickly and install our portable systems on almost any local aircraft.

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