Energy Audits

As energy demands continue to drive the growth of worldwide businesses and communities, we apply the latest geospatial tools and technologies to audit energy use in buildings, and monitor the energy industry’s critical energy infrastructure and facilities. We tailor our services to meet the challenges of our clients in a robust, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Today, energy audits are commonly performed from the ground using hand-held devices. This technique can be problematic if buildings are too tall or numerous. At Icaros, we provide resources and experience to facilitate large-scale energy audits across campuses of buildings, military bases, towns, and entire cities. We do an initial pass from the air to give an accurate perspective of envelopes of buildings for further ground investigation of potential energy loss from windows and doors, and of excess moisture around the outsides of buildings and on rooftops for remediation.

Icaros is a pioneer in the use of aerial oblique thermography to monitor energy consumption and waste in the outer sides and rooftops of buildings. We can deliver actionable information in a matter of hours to efficiently enable remediation or identify exact locations needing further investigation. Our analysts are certified energy audit professionals and through close collaboration with the Infraspection Institute and energy audit partners we can provide resources to perform further ground-based investigations as well as additional internal building infrastructure energy audit services.

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