Icaros has a strong partnership with Harris Geospatial Solutions, and the two companies are working together to integrate OneButton™ and ENVI, the most advanced and powerful analytics software for imagery.  Harris offers our OneButton™ software product line to their customers through the worldwide sales force and more than 50 channel partners.  They also offer their customers worldwide technical support and related services for OneButton™.

Tetracam, the largest manufacturer of multi-spectral imaging systems bundles Icaros OneButton™ with their sensor systems at no extra cost to enable multispectral imagery to be orthorectified and georeferenced so that it can be ingested into GIS and analytics software for further analytics.

DAT/EM Systems International, in collaboration with Icaros, Inc., have produced a product known as the Summit UAS OneButton™ Bundle. With OneButton™, the user can go from aerial images to accurate, georeferenced and mosaic products by using ready-to-go configurations designed for common project types.  Summit can be used to create accurate bare-earth DTMs, as well as perform a wide range of feature extraction and analysis from imagery.  Bare-earth DTMs can be re-ingested back into OneButton™ Professional for mosaic and QA processing.

BSEI, Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Co., is a professional customer-oriented consultancy and service company in China, providing advanced imagery products and services.  BSEI is a reseller and support and service provider of Icaros software products in China.

LoolTV, the largest reseller of DJI UAVs in Israel bundle a copy of Icaros OneButton™ for one year at no extra cost with each DJI UAV that they sell.

TeAx’s ThermalCapture works on Flir Thermal technology to record radiometric thermal data and GPS location.  Icaros is proud to partner with TeAx in offering a complete solution for large scale thermal data processing.  OneButton 5.0™ allows processes TeAx ThermalCapture images into high fidelity Orthomosaics.

Big Hobby Ltd. is the official Yuneec distributor in Israel.  The Yuneec-Icaros solution is a complete drone mapping solution that includes Yuneec Typhoon Drone, OneButton™ software and Tatuk powered GIS viewer.

Southern Cross Drones Pty Ltd is a Sydney, Australia based commercial UAV and sUAS company.  The company provides range of unique drone based solutions aimed to acquire, process and deliver actionable aerial data to enterprise customers.  The company is paying particular attention to drone applications for telecommunication, construction, energy, precision agriculture, search and rescue and law enforcement sectors, utilizing best-in-class technology.

Aeromap Technology Systems was established in the year of 2004 and is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Aeromap provides complete mapping solutions and hardware specializing in the areas of Photogrammetry, Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Land Surveying as well as Security & Defense Systems, GPS Tracking Systems and Indoor Navigation System. Aeromap has a portfolio of clients composed of companies and government bodies in the sectors of oil and gas, land surveillance and management, universities, military and defense, and private businesses.

Established in 2001, with headquarters in Hyderabad, Trans Global Geomatics provides superior mapping and consulting services for fulfilling the needs of mapping companies for Aerial, Satellite imagery & UAV in the Digital Photogrammetry industry, serving both the domestic and international sectors.  We at our company believes in providing accurate, more reliable solutions to meet your mapping needs. Our goal is to exceed the expectation of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing systems functionality and improving operation efficiency.

Icaros is proud to be an Esri Silver Partner.  Icaros has a long history with Esri.  Our OneButton™ product line is integrated with the ArcGIS platform and can be used to front-end ArcGIS applications.  OneButton™ enables aerial imagery to be orthorectified and georeferenced prior to being ingested into ArcGIS directly as mosaic datasets. We also utilize Esri Runtime to support components of OneButton™ Professional Edition.

Icaros is proud to partner with TatukGIS. TatukGIS products are known for performance, robust API, native support for most (raster, vector, and spatial geodatabase) data formats, state-of-the-art support for coordinate systems, compliance with many open standards, and reasonable licensing.

Icaros bundles UgCS’s mission planning software in all OneButton™ software products to enable you to easily and intuitively plan your UAV missions so that imagery is correctly collected to produce the results you are looking for and ensures that your drone avoids restricted areas.



Icaros is proud to be a partner with AeroVironment (AV).  Providing services to a range of industries, Icaros assists AV provide real-time information to customers with right solutions, training and support to get their job done safely and cost effectively.


Navigator CS, a trusted Icaros Services partner uses Icaros OneButton™ and the Professional version to produce accurate photogrammetric imagery products for their clients.

Agricam is an Agriculture mapping company specializing in creation of high fidelity Orthomosaics and Index maps for agronomic analysis.  Icaros and Agricam work hand in hand to provide rich Orthomosaics which retain original pixel values to allow precise analysis

Icaros is proud to support Aechelon’s mission of providing real time computer graphics applications in the training, simulation and entertainment markets for some of the world’s most demanding end-clients.  Since 2013 Aechelon has depended on Icaros’ data services team to provide geospatial data products and solutions to support their mission-critical projects on a global basis.  As part of this partnership, Icaros deliverables include industry-leading data collection and photogrammetric processing services, expert program and vendor management, and outstanding customer support.

The Esri services team is the Icaros strategic partner in development and implementation of cutting-edge energy management solutions for residential energy providers.  Based on Esri’s ArcGIS platform, the Icaros Energy Audit Solution (EASi™) consists of advanced data collection and processing, thermal mapping, and solution analytics to provide home owners with a simple easy to use scorecard app to micro-manage their home’s specific energy footprint.


Icaros is a proud partner to Dewberry in support of Dewberry’s US Army Corp of Engineer Programs and USGS Programs.  Icaros provided thermal acquisition and processing in support of USACE programs.

Axis Geospatial is a national geocapture firm employing innovative remote-sensing and measurement technologies to capture geospatial data for integration into civil engineering, land surveying and GIS applications.  Axis partners with Icaros to provide industry-leading data collection and photogrammetric processing services and supporting program management for some of the most demanding commercial, US state, and local government customers.

Icaros is proud to be a services and technology partner with ControlCam.  Icaros OneButton Professional™ Edition is the foundation of ControlCam’s image data processing workflows.  Icaros services team also provides advanced data imaging services to support of ControlCam end-customer deliverables.  In addition, ControlCam resells Icaros Oblique Measurement technology with their data products in support of both government and commercial clients.

Keystone Aerial Survey specializes in providing aerial imagery data is proud to be a collection partner for the Icaros Services team.  The Keystone team has flown millions of survey miles throughout the United States with expertise at collecting imagery at high and low altitudes.  As a trusted partner, Keystone also provides aerial data collection services for Icaros in support of Icaros project requirements.

Richard Crouse and Associates is a professional aerial photographic services company with a track record of quality work for mapping, engineering firms and for government clients throughout the United States.  As a trusted partner, RC&A also provides aerial data collection services for Icaros in support of Icaros project requirements.

AAM is a geospatial services company specializing in the collection, analysis, presentation and delivery of geospatial information on a world-wide basis.  Icaros Service team is proud to partner with AAM to provide expert aerial data collection services in support of Icaros’ worldwide project requirements.


As a trusted aerial data provider to Icaros for worldwide projects, Bloom provides high-quality aerial imagery and related products and is proud to be a long-standing data collection partner for Icaros.