Icaros is proud to provide the only large-scale aerial photogrammetry solution on the market today.

OneButton™ Professional

OneButton™ Professional quickly and accurately processes aerial image data. Used for a variety of large-scale mapping and engineering applications, to include disaster monitoring, agriculture and forestry analysis, pipeline mapping, and energy auditing, OneButton™ Professional software is highly automated, meaning faster turnaround time from collection to orthophoto delivery, with minimal operator intervention and error. OneButton™ Professional supports a variety of broad mission requirements, sensor payloads and conditions.

Esri’s ArcGIS is the foundation for OneButton™ Professional, seamlessly integrated into the technology for ease of use and stability. Each module of OneButton™ Professional is built as an extension, adding advanced functionality to the toolbox in ArcGIS.

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Project Types:

Small areas in difficult to reach places

General mapping projects for utilities, corridor baselining and maintenance

Detailed thermal data for energy auditing and remediation of building envelopes

3D modeling and point clouds with accurate measurement tools, including height






After reviewing the tools developed by the Icaros team, I clearly view this as a game changing capability.


Dr. Ricardo Passini
BAE Systems