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We offer professionally managed and quality controlled aerial data acquisition and photogrammetric production services. Icaros has more than 25 worldwide partners that we work with to do aerial data collection using both manned and unmanned aircraft, and sensors of all types including large, medium and small framed RGB, thermal, multispectral and LIDAR.  We can also deploy our portable, flexible remote sensing systems that can be quickly installed on almost any aircraft, anywhere in the world (they can be shipped onsite via commercial aircraft) and can collect true color (RGB), near infrared (NIR), thermal infrared (TIR), oblique and thermal oblique imagery.  Our image processing production centers are located both in the US and in Israel and can produce high quality orthorectified mosaics, digital elevation models, 3D models (photomesh and point clouds), and comprehensive GIS and analytics services.

Photogrammetric Production Services

Aerial Data Collection Services


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Icaros specializes in thermal and oblique aerial data collection and processing. Our team has developed the most advanced remote sensing systems, which were designed with portability and flexibility of use in mind. Time and time again, our customers are impressed by how quickly and easily our systems are installed on almost any local aircraft, to collect imagery of the highest resolution and quality for their geospatial project needs.

Project Types:

  • Small areas in difficult to reach places

  • General mapping projects for utilities, corridor baselining and maintenance

  • Detailed thermal data for energy auditing and remediation of building envelopes

  • 3D modeling and point clouds with accurate measurement tools, including height

Icaros’ photogrammetric suite of software (OneButton Professional) processes image data collected, and produces accurate, useful, and beautiful maps and orthophotos faster and of better quality than any other photogrammetric software. Our team manages projects from start to finish as a general contractor, from data collection services through analytics of processed imagery, providing you with actionable information for better understanding and decision-making.




I want to thank you personally as well as on behalf of the entities involved, for the strong performance, responsiveness, ability to take initiative, continuous improvement and excellent technology development that Icaros folks have delivered. You have a great team. Very well done!close

Peter Carragher
British Petroleum (BP)


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