Beautiful, Actionable Images Faster than Ever Before

Icaros’ powerful photogrammetric technology and solutions are designed to produce a variety of different outputs from data collected as aerial imagery with any sensor system from any aerial platform. Our team of experts uses OneButton™ Professional software to process this imagery. The OneButton™ Professional software is the fastest, most robust and dynamic set of tools to process image data and produce useful, accurate and beautiful photogrammetric representations.

We offer aerial data photogrammetric production services in our service centers in both the US and in Israel.  We have capacity to handle any size job.  Icaros’ OneButton™ Professional Edition handles large volumes of image data of any frame size, from any sensor, and produces: accurate, useful, beautiful orthorectified and geolocated maps and orthophotos faster and of better quality than any other photogrammetric software.  OneButton™ also produces 3D elevation models, colored point clouds and photomesh models of exceptional quality. Our team manages projects from start to finish as a general contractor, from data acquisition services through analytics of processed imagery, providing you with actionable information for better understanding and decision-making.


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Orthophotos and Orthomosaics

Icaros produces detailed, accurate orthophotos and orthomosaics using our powerful OneButton™ Professional software, from data collected by any sensor system. These orthophotos and mosaics are geographically referenced and created using the most robust tools for tie-point matching, DTM extraction, orthorectification, seamline feathering and color-balancing. These tools are highly automated, making them extremely fast and leaving little room for human error. The result is the most detailed, spatially accurate and high-quality orthophotos and mosaics on the market.

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3D Models

Icaros’ photogrammetric software can create accurate 3D models from aerial imagery collected by any sensor system. These 3D models can be used for construction and land use planning, simulation models for training, and a variety of other purposes. 3D models represent the topography of an area of interest, and give Icaros’ customers the ability to digitally evaluate terrain that is time-consuming, difficult or dangerous to reach via alternative forms of surveying. Icaros is capable of collecting and applying oblique images for a full urban 3D model, including above-ground features and building facades.

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Icaros produces digital terrain models (DTMs), digital elevation models (DEMs) and digital surface models (DSMs) with our OneButton™ Professional of image-processing software. We can process data collected by any sensor system to extract terrain features and elevations and produce actionable models for orthophoto and mosaic production, 3D modeling, and contour models. OneButton™ Professional creates bare-earth models and representations of all structures on the surface, including trees and buildings.

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Contour Maps

Our OneButton™ Professional software produces Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) which can be used to create contour maps to display representations of topography. These 2-dimensional maps of an area of interest use color and contour lines to represent different elevations for interpretation, analysis and modeling. Using DEMs, Icaros can create contour maps of varying scale and detail that are accurate and easy to read.

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