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Enabling better business decisions from high resolution aerial imagery

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Product Description

After your trial, you’ll need to return to this site, or contact a sales representative, to purchase and activate your purchased license for either OneButton Standard Edition or OneButton Professional Edition. Thanks and enjoy.

Key OneButton™ features and benefits

  • Extremely easy to use saving both time and money, and leveraging your workforce for better productivity and growth
  • Options for various project types which optimizes the photogrammetric process for your project’s type of imagery and the outputs desired.
  • Go from collected images to seamless orthorectified, geospatially accurate products (digital elevation models, orthomosaics, 3D point clouds) within minutes
  • Fully automated image-stitching, feathering, light and color balancing for exceptional results
  • Supports entry (or import) of ground control points (GCPs) for high geolocation accuracy projects such as engineering and construction.
  • Indifferent to camera, lens, and external orientation parameters
  • Supports small and medium, as well as large format sensors for efficient coverage of large areas
  • Supports multispectral multiband imagery
  • Unique bundle block adjustment for precise geo-positioning of nadir and oblique imagery
  • High-performance, state of the art photogrammetric engine incorporates the latest Computer Vision and Structure from Motion technologies to produce exceptional 2D and 3D results
  • Real time progress, auto-save and recovery capability