UgCS Pro


Easy-to-use software for mission planning & execution for all types of UAV

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Product Description

For professionals & business purposes

Suitable for professional use of UAVs and customers with fleet of unmanned vehicles from different manufacturers. Fully functional advanced multi operator and multi-drone GCS. Distributed deployment UAV command solution and advanced functionality for complex scenarios.

  • No range limitations
  • Add any number of 3D buildings
  • Import KML data to denote important places on your map
  • Create your own custom no-fly zones
  • Use an ADS-B receiver and get notified of other aircraft in the area
  • Use an ADS-B transponder to notify other aircraft that your drone\s are flying in this area
  • Control multiple drones at the same time
  • Record videos from your drone and save them on your desktop
  • See camera footprints on the ground in real-time
  • Support via e-mail
  • Phone support 5×8 provided by UgCS


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