Monitoring & Maintenance

From the air, we can collect a large amount of data and process it into useful formats quickly, giving professionals in the agriculture, forestry and environmental industries the most complete and up-to-date information about their lands and crops. Using combinations of spectral bands, we can identify anomalies or undernourished plant-life. Our advanced remote sensor technology allows us to collect data below the cloud ceiling in wet, cloudy areas where most agricultural activity occurs and where it is difficult for satellites to reach. Our customers have this actionable information at their fingertips to make better decisions for their lands and businesses.
Identification & Classification

Our advanced remote sensor technology make it possible to scan a large geographical area quickly, to pinpoint invasive species and to identify and classify others. When a farm’s yield and success is so radically affected by negative environmental factors such as invasive weeds, fungi and pest infestations, having the necessary information to rapidly control these factors is essential to optimizing production and keeping crops healthy. Icaros’ advanced geospatial tools, technology, expertise and techniques provide our customers in the agriculture and forestry industries with precise, actionable data to stay in control of their land and optimize production.
Forest Management and Planning

Forestry professionals need to stay up-to-date on the inventory of their forests, and the health and well being of the trees within. With Icaros’ aerial thermal imagery, our customers can quickly and accurately keep stock of their forests, and locate problem areas for remediation. Using Icaros’ RGB, NIR and thermal IR mapping technology, foresters can monitor variations of growth within the tree plots. Patches of anomalies like planting failures or illegal clearings can be easily detected, mapped and analyzed.

Icaros’ Dense Digital Elevation Model (DDEM) technology allows foresters to directly measure the height and biomass volume of their tree plots and evaluate their average DBH and net logging or pulp yield. Icaros’ Terrain Modeling helps forestry planners to accurately analyze the slopes and the hydrology pattern of their area in order to prevent soil erosion and effectively plan new plots and access roads.

Producing and maintaining plots of land and crops presents unique challenges to professionals in the agriculture and forestry industries. Icaros’ state-of-the-art technologies and solutions provide the necessary information for cost-effective and fast forest planning, inventory and protection, detection and remediation of invasive or diseased species, biomass analysis, pest infestation and irrigation system monitoring. We use RGB, NIR, thermal and multispectral imaging in arable areas to collect actionable data to help customers identify, classify and measure the land they oversee, and to maintain it in the most efficient ways. We provide the most advanced topographical information for measuring biomass volume, soil properties and assessing land.  Our high spectral resolution imagery provides the data needed to identify variations in crop canopies to determine crop health.

With the help of Icaros’ valued partners, our solutions and expertise have successfully identified irrigation defects and irrigation inefficiency in various crops, water stress patterns in arid and semi-arid areas, and mapped agricultural soil water-holding capacity in not-yet-irrigated lands.  Icaros has unique processing technology for handling uniform areas, such as vast agricultural fields with limited geometric details to create the most accurate, geo-referenced orthomosaics of these areas. Our short processing time enables rapid decision-making and response by farmers and irrigation specialists. 

Using the latest in thermal and multispectral imaging technologies, and with collaboration of leading scientists, we collect and process data to produce actionable information about water stress and irrigation of lands for professionals in the agriculture and forestry industries, to facilitate and solve their most complex irrigation challenges. Icaros’ solutions and expertise have successfully identified irrigation defects and detected water status of several crops. The data Icaros provides to our customers has enabled them to see water stress patterns in arid and semi-arid areas, to schedule irrigation intervals and to map agricultural soil water-holding capacity in not-yet-irrigated lands.