Governments around the world are increasing their focus on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) to ensure homeland security. Our unique expertise gives decision-makers the tools and data they need to stay informed, protect citizens and allocate resources. Icaros technology assists in precisely training troops for mission-critical scenarios using simulations created by 3D models of locations that are considered high-risk or costly to travel to for hands-on training. Whether our customers need a complete processed solution, or training to use our products for collection and processing of image data, Icaros can meet those needs.

We use the latest technology to create oblique aerial imagery, digital terrain and 3D models for flight and training simulations, and for situational analysis. The ease of use and immediacy of results of our systems are ideal for aerial surveillance and monitoring, minimizing risks and hazards of ground-based operations, and quick analysis for emergency response. With the actionable information provided by our technology and experts, mission planning and execution becomes more effective, less time consuming, and less costly.

Some applications within the Defense & Security industry include:

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Icaros’ precise remote sensing technologies provide our customers with the information they need to make critical decisions about homeland security. Our thermal sensing systems can detect boats and people in water, even after boat motors have been extinguished, which has assisted in thwarting drug traffickers. Our systems can be quickly and easily installed on UAVs for minimal-risk surveillance and reconnaissance missions over potentially hazardous locations.

Search & Rescue

Our thermal sensing systems can detect human activities and vehicles on land or at sea for nighttime search and rescue operations. Our sensors can also identify human activities beneath tree canopies for such missions in jungles and other heavily wooded areas.