Oil & gas pipeline companies need fast, cost-effective geospatial information to plan, manage and maintain their pipeline routes and ensure the safe delivery of products. Icaros’ technology and expertise delivers actionable information needed for this type of essential work. We quickly deploy and install remote sensing systems, delivering high-quality, current orthomosaics, RGB, thermal and oblique imagery.

Planning, Maintaining and Monitoring Pipeline Infrastructure

Icaros is committed to professionals in the worldwide energy industry to apply the latest geospatial tools and technologies, assisting in managing their assets. Our remotely sensed data is crucial to ongoing mission-critical activities such as site planning, construction corridor/right of way (ROW) management, high consequence area (HCA) risk analysis and pipeline integrity analysis.

Icaros’ oblique, thermal Infrared (TIR), near infrared (NIR) and RGB (true color) photogrammetry provides precise aerial views of petroleum and gas pipelines and corridors. Our advanced remote sensor systems collect and process image data that support applications ranging from change detection and pipeline integrity to leakage detection.

Some applications for Oil & Gas pipeline companies include:

  • Underground Pipeline Mapping
  • Change Detection/ROW Intrusion
  • Emergency Response
  • Pipeline Integrity Management – Detection & Prevention of Leaks
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Compliancy Audits